Yoga for Recovery

Transformation Yoga Project provides mindfulness-based yoga to individuals in recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. Our instructors are highly-trained and teach with a trauma-sensitive methodology at Inpatient Treatment Centers, Partial Hospital Programs (PHP) and more.

Addiction and Mental Health

It is estimated that one in three Americans suffer from some form of substance use disorder. Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease of the brain; characterized by an inability to abstain or control cravings, a failure to recognize problems with behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response.

The accumulated costs to the individual, the family, and the community are staggering and arise as a consequence of many direct and indirect effects, including compromised physical and mental health, increased spread of infectious disease, loss of productivity, reduced quality of life, increased crime and violence, increased motor vehicle crashes, abuse and neglect of children, and health care costs.

The most devastating consequences are seen in the tens of thousands of lives that are lost each year as a result of substance misuse.

Like other psychological disorders, such as depression, addiction is a common problem that can persist for many years with alternating periods of remission and relapse. The ongoing risk of relapse creates a need for providing tools, such as yoga and mindfulness, to help maintain lifelong recovery.


  • Improves flexibility, balance and strength

  • Increases restful sleep, provides relaxation and increased energy

  • Connects the body with the mind and the heart to better manage impulses and cravings

  • Regulates stress & increases the capacity for impulse control

  • Reconnects the body, mind, and spirit

  • Promotes restful sleep and a calm mind

  • Re-friends the body


"I have been sober for 28 years and have learned many tools in the 12 step program to remain happy, joyous and free from alcohol.  One of the most fantastic tools I have in my tool box is yoga. Yoga has been a wonderful addition to my program.  It has aided me in many ways. While doing Yoga, I have learned the benefits of meditation. It keeps me centered within myself and aides in healing the mind, body and soul. True happiness comes from within and yoga has helped me find that happiness. I have learned a new way of thinking. Through yoga and sobriety, I'm exploring endless possibilities of growth, leading to the happiness I was always looking for in alcohol and never found."
"As a recovering addict, I look forward to Transformation Yoga Project classes. The instructor has helped me connect my mind with my body… I’ve always lived in my mind while I abused my body. Yoga is a huge part of my recovery and has given me the strength to work through my demons."


Through a network of studios across the 5-county Philadelphia area, Transformation Yoga Project provides gentle, mindfulness-based yoga to individuals in recovery from substance use and other mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Our instructors, trained in trauma-sensitive yoga, provide classes at Inpatient Treatment Centers, Partial Hospital Programs(PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs(IOP), Recovery Residences and more.

Partner Studios

Transformation Yoga Project partners with community yoga studios to offer Transformation Yoga classes. These community classes provide a supportive environment to observe stillness, allow emotions to surface without fear of judgment, and create healthy relationships with others. All are welcome. No experience is needed. A suggested donation of $10 is recommended, but not required. Check the Calendar for the Transformation Yoga class schedule. 


Transformation Yoga Project works with inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs to incorporate mindfulness-based yoga practices into their treatment protocols. Yoga complements existing treatment modalities. Participants often find that yoga helps them relieve stress and helps establish a body-mind connection, an important element in recovery. Daily yoga also provides a way to release tension and aggression, is a natural mood booster, and promotes overall well-being. Yoga is a natural companion to 12-Step based recovery because they share many of the same principles and teach participants how to apply these principles in daily life.

Collegiate Recovery Programs

Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) exist at many Universities to create a social community that supports students in recovery as part of a broader effort to address substance abuse on campus. CRPs are designed to enhance educational opportunities while supporting student's recovery and emotional growth. CRPs generally offer onsite sober housing, self- help meetings and counseling.

Transformation Yoga Project provides on campus yoga & mindfulness classes as part of the CRP to attract recovering students to a healthy activity that creates a sense of community while teaching techniques that will help with anxiety, depression, anger management, low self esteem and relapse prevention.

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