Our 9 Class Principles

Each Transformation Yoga Project class adheres strictly to evidence-based methodology. This ensures a safe, supportive, inclusive and consciously-held space for individuals to explore the connection between mind and body. Research shows, and our own participant evaluations confirm, this approach connects individuals with their innate capacity for transformation.

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Even in stressful and sometimes dangerous environments, we aim to create a place of safety.


Within each program there is consistency in approach across multiple classes.


Instructors are trained to be transparent about their role with students and class expectations. Acknowledging it is stressful to try new things, instructors always communicate what will take place before each class.


All facility rules are followed, proper boundaries are maintained with participants and staff, and the instructors' yoga practice begins when they step in a facility.


All classes are accessible to EVERY BODY without discrimination or exception.


No hands on adjustments are made. All poses are offered as optional. No one is required to participate in anything they do not feel comfortable doing.


Language used is non hierarchical, emphasizes choice and personal agency, leaving space for exploration and self-awareness.


All instructors are Trauma-Sensitive Yoga certified, are insured, must perform 5 weeks shadowing and otherwise meet TYP approval for working in each specific facility.


Service is recognized as separate from "fixing". We do not seek to change or transform any other individual. Instead we create space for others to come into their own capacity for transformation.